Gulbenkian Galápagos Artists' Residency Programme Partners

The Galapagos Conservation Trust (GCT) is a UK registered charity that was founded in 1995 with two key aims: to raise awareness of the issues facing the Islands and to raise much needed funds to support the expanding conservation work. At GCT we recognise that there is no quick fix. Saving Galápagos requires a holistic approach, simultaneously tackling the current challenges and threats whilst seeking to put longer term solutions in place. In order to achieve this GCT has developed 15 Steps to Help Save Galápagos and supports projects that fall within the three broad areas of Social Issues, Island Restoration and Climate Change. Educating the UK about Galápagos and conservation is a key part of GCT's work.


The Gulbenkian Galápagos Artists' Residency Programme builds awareness of the Islands and our work in a compelling and creative way. It has gathered completely different perspectives on a subject of profound importance to human intellectual and cultural understanding and created materials to help celebrate and raise public awareness of conservation and cultural issues on the Galápagos Islands.