Galápagos is often described as a 'laboratory' of nature: it is also a laboratory of mankind's engagement with the natural world. Galápagos demonstrates that this engagement is not purely functional but fundamentally cultural.

Galápagos brings together work by twelve artists who have travelled to and spent time in the Galápagos archipelago through a residency programme initiated in 2007. Each artist was invited on the basis of their profound engagement with the opportunity, and each found the experience transformative for their life and their artistic practice. They also brought to the project considerable skills of communication and interaction, enabling them to explore subjects of scientific or social interest consistent with their artistic concerns. Their impressions were recorded through drawings, paintings, film, digitised media, installation, sculpture, sound work and even an interactive TV programme, from which they later constructed new artworks.

These collected works present a vigorous sense of the place as they found it - evidence of a strange and stark world but one which also resonates with experiences we can relate to our own worlds.

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